We continue to receive a fair number of tech support questions
regarding IMS support for Frames. As most of you probably
know, a visual Frames editor as well as Table, Forms and
Navigation Bar editors are under development and scheduled for
Version 2 which will hopefully be ready for Beta testing in a few
weeks. Understandably many of you may be unwilling to wait
especially when the release date has a tendency to get put back.

Fortunately, using Frames is a relatively simple task for anyone
that knows just a little HTML.

How simple? A frame is a HTML page that loads one or more
other  pages.  You can create a frame page quickly with any text
editor  and then save the file with a ".htm" extension. Figure  
/is2fig5 is an example of a Frame page.

<title>Enter a page title</title>
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Enter a page  description">
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="Enter, your, search  engine, meta tags ">
<frameset border="false" frameborder="0" border="0"  cols="15%,3*">
 <frame name="leftpage" src="left.htm" scrolling="no"  target="main">
 <frame name="rightpage" src="right.htm" target="main">
 <noframes size="64px">
 <p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.  

Figure is2fig5:

This page displays two other pages; one at the right and one at
the left. The left page does not scroll and occupies 15% of the
screen. The right page does scroll and occupies the rest of the
screen. To substitute your own pages simply change the name of
the left page from "left.htm" and the right page from "right.htm"
to the name of your own pages.

Take a look at one of our past articles at
http://www.imswebtips.com/issue10top1.htm for more
information and code to create Frames.  

There are many excellent books on creating HTML with
reference to frames. One I can recommend is HTML Goodies by
Joe Burns.  If you really do not want to learn HTML or want to
create a Frame Page quickly and easily then just be patient a
little longer. We hope to have frames available within the next
few of weeks.

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