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This is the 23rd issue of this newsletter. That's 3 new articles a
week (with just two repeats) for the past 5 months, plus answers to
reader posted questions. It has kept us very busy. In that time the
subscription base has been growing exponentially from just a few a
day to almost 50 new subscribers a day. The majority of you are
consequently relatively new to the newsletter.

If you are not yet familiar with the format of the Newsletter, it is
divided into 3 topics plus a user question section. The first topic is
on Web Design. The second topic is on Web Site Promotion. The
third topic is for those of you using an IMS product. The User
Question section is intended to try and answer any questions related
to your web sites. Within a few days of publishing the newsletter,
we post the articles on the IMS Web Tips site at
http://www.IMSWebTips.com We leave the articles posted for 20
weeks so that visitors can review them when needed.

In this issue I thought it would be useful to publish links to the
articles from the past 20 issues with a brief description of each.
Look through the list and link to any you find interesting. We will
repeat the process every 20 weeks so that you can have a chance
to look at any articles you either missed or would like to re-read
before they are taken down.

A listing of the articles by Subject is always available at
www.IMSWebTips.com/topics.htm and by Publication Date
at www.IMSWebTips.com/archive.htm . We also maintain a
link to the most recent Web Design Article at:
issue3top1 , the Web Promotion
article at www.imswebtips.com/webpromotion.htm and the
IMS Tip article at http://www.imswebtips.com/IMSTip.htm . You
are welcome to post links to these pages on your web site. They will
automatically be updated weekly with the latest topic.

In the near future, the IMS Web Tips articles will be republished by
iSyndicate. This will allow those of you that are interested to post a
Headline and Description that will automatically be updated
weekly. We will provide more information as soon as it is available.

-Adding special characters to your text.
-Special Effects.
-What is the Dynamic in DHTML.
-Cascading Style Sheets.
-Browser Differences.
-Introduction to HTML. Basic Tags
-Introduction to HTML: Using Pictures and Links
-Introduction to HTML Advanced Features
-Anchors Away. The anchor tag is for more than just links
-Introduction to HTML: Forms.
-Site Testing Analysis. How is your site doing?
-Internet Dogma. Web Page load times.
-Designing a Web Page: Load Time
-How to hide your HTML
-Designing a Web Page: Load Time
-Using CSS to optimize your graphics
-Using Audio on your Web Site
-What are you talking about?: Learn your techno babble.
-Web Page Resources: Adding Counters, stats and more to your web pages
-More Special Characters. Ascii Codes

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© Copyright 1999 Virtual Mechanics

"IMS Web Tips" is a weekly news letter for all web site managers regardless of experience who are looking for detailed information on creating, maintaining and promoting their web sites.
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