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Installation follows the same format as our other IMS products and
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In topic 1 'Anchors Away', I explain how to use the Anchor Tag to
send an email or to link to a location on a large page. Both these
operations can easily be added to any IMS project.

Using the 'mailto:' operation is quite straightforward. You can
simply add the tag to a Text Object in the Text Editor preferably in
HTML mode.

<a href="mailto:tips@VirtualMechanics.com" >Send Email</a>

If you wish, you can also assign the tag to any Object with the
Object Editor. From the work window, right click the Object and
select the Link Tab. In the 'Anchor URL' box, replace "http://www"
With "mailto:tips@VirtualMechanics.com" using your email
address of course. When you view your project in a Browser, you can
simply select the Object to open your default mail program.

Creating a link to a location on your web page requires a little more
work. First you need to create a named anchor in the Text Editor.
Again it is preferable to use HTML mode.

<a name=location1>any or no text here</a>

Use your mouse to position the Object any place in the Work

As in the 'mailto' example, you can either create an HTML Object
with the link to it or add the link in the Object Editor. If you are
creating the link in the Object Editor you would enter:

<a href="#location1">Goto location 1</a>

To add the link in the Object Editor, right click the Object, select the
Link Tab and enter "#location1" (without the quotes) into the
'Anchor URL' box. When a link is being made from another web
site, you must of course enter the full URL as in:


When you select the link, it should now position the page so that the
named Anchor Object is located in the top left-hand corner of your

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