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IMS Web Dwarf -Beta

So just what is a "Web Dwarf?"

IMS Web Dwarf is our new Freeware Drag and Drop HTML Editor.
For those of you that don't know, a Freeware product means just
that. It is Free to use. There are no charges or fees. Simply
download, install and start creating Web Pages.

IMS Web Dwarf is our third HTML editor along with IMS Web
Spinner and IMS Web Engine. IMS stands for Interactive
Multimedia System and as such, IMS files created with any of these
three products are fully compatible. That means an ".ims" file
created with one of these programs can be loaded and edited by any
of the others.

IMS Web Dwarf provides full drag and drop editing capabilities.
You can load an image or create text and use your mouse to position
and scale them in the work window. The IMS Text editor can also
be used to load, edit or create text and titles in Rich Text, Title or
HTML modes. The HTML publisher provides the ability to export
the project to a local directory or to FTP it directly to an Internet
host site. Full documentation and an extensive set of tutorials are
available to get the new user started.

So how does IMS Web Dwarf differ from IMS Web Spinner and
IMS Web Engine? It is simply in the number of features available.
Both IMS Web Engine and IMS Web Spinner provide multi-page
project support, geometry components, Meta Tag generators and
much more.

It is our hope that IMS Web Dwarf will be a highly functional and
easy to use Visual drag and drop editor that is ideal for the new or
occasional user. We of course hope that many satisfied users will
eventually upgrade to the more powerful Shareware versions.

If you would like to beta test IMS Web Dwarf, please download a copy.
Installation follows the same format as our other IMS products and
can be made into the same directory if you wish. Please send your
comments and information on any problems to info@VirtualMechanics.com.

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